Extractor: The Original Wide Blade Cutout Tool



Extractor: The Original Wide Blade Cutout Tool


Extractor is a revolutionary tool primarily designed for the removal of auto glass.

Pneumatic, electric, or cordless, the Extractor line of auto glass removal tools has consistently proven invaluable to the auto glass and auto-body industries.

In addition, Extractor tools are also very useful for removal of commercial and residential glazing, and a wide variety of other applications. 

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About the Tool
Is the tool powerful enough to cut through thick urethane?
Yes, it’s by far the most powerful cordless cut out tool that I’ve ever used.

How many windshields can you cut out on a fully charged battery?
I can extract five or six windshields on a full charged battery.

How well does the tool/blade work on an extremely curved windshield?
The blades are very sturdy yet flexible enough for any type of curved glass.

Is the tool light enough to control and heavy enough to reduce back lash on the technicians arm?
With proper use and lubrication the tool works very smoothly and backlash is minimal.

Does the tool have longevity?
With proper lubrication and by keeping the blades sharp the Extractor has extraordinary longevity.

What do you use the tool for?
I use it exclusively for auto glass but can see that it probably has countless other uses and applications where it could be very helpful.

About the blades;
How durable are the replacement blades? - Extractor has the most durable blades available on the market.

Are the blades long enough to reach deep set urethane beds? (bottoms)
The new XXL blade is definitely long enough for the deepest of bottom extractions yet amazingly sturdy while still flexible.

Would different blade configurations help do your job?
The blades are sufficient, the only thing missing is a quick release application. (Easier said than done I’m sure)

Do you find any benefits using the swivel shaft?
The Swivel Shaft adapter is a helpful tool that lends to good ergonomics.

What is the greatest feature of the tool in your opinion?
The rigidity of the tool as a whole, the shaft and blades are very strong and stable.

Would you recommend it to other professional installers?
All of our technicians are equipped with Extractor electric cut out tools, we use them every day.