Maintenance Tips

Please read these simple maintenance tips before using an Extractor tool:


  • Your battery has not been fully charged. Sitting on the shelf has likely made the battery lose power. Do not do a one hour quick charge. A full overnight charge is needed to operate the tool with maximized potential.
  • When inserting the charged battery into the tool, do not slap or jam the battery into place. Always depress the battery clips and gently slide it into place. Note: There is no warranty on worn clips that will not hold the battery in place.
  • The electrical contacts are fragile. If they bend even slightly, you will lose up to 50% contact. This will cause power loss and could burn out wires. Continued use will burn out the trigger and destroy the battery.
  • A Velcro battery strap is supplied for the PROV28. Please use it. It reduces vibration and extends the life of the battery.


  • Sharpen the blade every four or five cutouts.
  • To sharpen, do not remove the shaft. Use a hand or wet sander or steel file.

Lubricate the Cut-out:

  • We recommend lubricating with water only.
  • Always use lots of water.
  • Occasionally, your blade will bog down from lack of lubrication. Do not pull it out of the urethane when the Extractor has stopped cutting, as you will eventually pull the body apart. Let the tool do the work for you!