All Extractor tools are warranted to be free from factory defects and workmanship. Abuse, misuse, and normal wear and tear are not warranted.

Our warranty applies to the tool user, not our distributors or agents selling the tools. The end user must fill out  the form below or mail the Warranty Registration Card on the last page of the ownership manual. Failure to do this will delay any repairs that you might deem necessary under our one year limited warranty.

If you feel you have a warranty repair, call Extractor at 1-877-628-8837. We will issue an RMA repair order. This form must accompany your “complete” tool kit to our repair centre. Please send all components including your blades, freight prepaid. When warranty is determined, the repair centre will return your complete kit repaired and freight free. Extractor reserves the right to refuse a repair, at our expense, for a tool that has not been maintained properly or has been repaired by an unauthorized repair centre.

Blades: Always keep them sharp. Always use clean water as a cutting lubricant. Never hit a pinch weld or wiper housing, as it will damage the drive mechanism of your Extractor.

If you have any concerns about your Extractor, please call 1-877-628-8837.

To receive warranty coverage, please register your tool:

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